Crossroads Archery Club

Club Rules

Group Sizes:
 Must have at least 3 shooters per group if you are turning in a score card.
 Please limit groups to no more than 5 shooters per group.

Scoring Rules:
 Score low back 12’s only.
 Groups must have 2 different scorekeepers.
 Shooters cannot score their own official score card.
 Keep a running total and compare scores often.
 Shooter and Scorekeeper must sign official scorecard.
 Please make sure everything on the scorecard is filled out.

Range Safety:
 Please make sure no one is down range before you walk up to your stake.
 Please make sure your bow is pointed in safe direction when drawing.
 Please stay on the main trail.
 Please wait until after the shoot to look for lost arrows.

Shooter Courtesy:
 Please be courteous towards fellow shooters.
 Please don’t distract fellow shooters while they are at full draw.
 It’s recommended to let faster groups skip over slower groups.

*Please help us keep our facility looking nice and pick up and throw away all trash.